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Losing a limb can be a very traumatic experience.


At St Petersburg Limb and Brace, we understand the importance of speaking with someone who can answer the many questions you have as a new amputee.

We offer our Peer Group services to lend support.


A prosthetist cares for a patient with partial or total absence of a limb by designing, fabricating, and fitting that patient with a prosthesis, or artificial limb. This is an exacting process because the prosthesis replaces an actual part of the body. The specialty is a blend of biomechanics and practical engineering.


An orthotist cares for a patient with a disabling condition of a limb or spine by designing, fabricating, and fitting the patient with an orthosis – a brace or strengthening device such as a cervical brace, body jacket, upper or lower extremity brace or custom shoe inserts or footwear.

St Petersburg Limb and Brace fabricates most of the custom orthotices in our in-house lab. Measurements are taken or a cast is made to ensure an accurate, personal fit. Creating the devices in-house allow us to ensure quality control and turn around time.


CAD-CAM is the latest wave of technology to hit the prosthetics industry. The system uses computer digital technology to create a near perfect, custom fit of a socket to a residual limb. St. Petersburg Limb & Brace was one of the first companies to use computer aided design fabrication in Florida.

One of the most common complaints among amputees is a poorly fitting prosthesis. CAD-CAM (computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing) increases the accuracy and efficiency of socket design. This allows up to produce a comfortable socket in a fraction of the time.

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