I’ve been an amputee for the past 3 years. It was a motorcyle accident on April Fool’s day coming home from school at St Petersburg College. The amputation has not held me back at all. I ride a motorcycle, I fix things. I do stuff! Sean, from St. Petersburg Limb & Brace, came to see me in the hospital and talked to me. He was a pretty cool guy. I was kind of a punk to him because I was like “oh wow, you’re an amputee, big deal, you know”. St. Petersburg Limb & Brace has been supportive the whole time. I didn’t really get that from anybody else. I remember one time coming in and Mike fixing my prosthesis and I just said, “Dude, I love you.” It’s just part of it – get busy living or get busy dying.  You have a limited time in life. The chicks dig it too! Tommy Cannon, St. Petersburg, Florida
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