A prosthetist cares for a patient with partial or total absence of a limb by designing, fabricating, and fitting that patient with a prosthesis, or artificial limb. This is an exacting process because the prosthesis replaces an actual part of the body. The specialty is a blend of biomechanics and practical engineering.

Our Prosthetic Services include:

Computer-Aided Design

Endoskeletal and Exoskeletal Systems

Immediate Post-Operative Procedures

- Rigid dressings
- Immediate post-operative prostheses

Lower Limb

- C-leg Microprocessor Knee
- Preparatory prostheses
- Hydraulic knee systems
- Silicone suction suspension systems
- Flexible socket materials
- Dynamic response feet
- Flexfoot systems
- Ultralight components and materials
- Elevated Vacuum Systems

Upper Limb

- Functional and passive systems
- Body powered systems
- Myoelectric systems

An orthotist cares for a patient with a disabling condition of a limb or spine by designing, fabricating, and fitting the patient with an orthosis – a brace or strengthening device such as a cervical brace, body jacket, upper or lower extremity brace or custom shoe inserts or footwear.

St. Petersburg Limb & Brace fabricate most of the custom orthotices in our in-house lab. Measurements are taken or a cast is made to ensure an accurate, personal fit. Creating the devices in-house allow us to ensure quality control and turn around time.

Our Orthotic Services include:


- Custom and prefabricated cervical orthoses
- Custom molded thoraco-lumbar-sacral orthoses
- Scoliosis control orthoses
- Custom molded body jackets

Lower Limb

- Plastic and metal
- Custom hip-knee-ankle-foot orthoses
- Fracture bracing
- Afo-Dafo for children

Knee Orthoses

- Custom control orthoses
- Off-the-shelf systems (Donjoy,CTI,Townsend,etc.)

Upper Limb

- Custom fracture orthoses
- Flexion/extension control
- Pronation/supination control

CAD-CAM is the latest wave of technology to hit the prosthetics industry. The system uses computer digital technology to create a near perfect, custom fit of a socket to a residual limb. St. Petersburg Limb & Brace was one of the first companies to use computer aided design fabrication in Florida.

One of the most common complaints among amputees is a poorly fitting prosthesis. CAD-CAM (computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing) increases the accuracy and efficiency of socket design. This allows up to produce a comfortable socket in a fraction of the time.

THE DIGITIZER: A Mechanical digitizer is used to take exact measurements of a negative cast by calculating spacing between geometric slices and capturing radial distances as the model spins. These measurements are converted to a shape, which can then be viewed on the monitor. The computer workstation enables the prosthetist to make precise modifications to the image being projected on the monitor from the digitizer. The prosthetist uses special Software and templates to modify the shape into a weight-bearing interface. This is the most critical step in the process, and an experienced prosthetist is a must. Once the shape is perfected, it is then sent to the carver.

THE CARVER: A machine that cuts the mold to the exact specifications sent to it by the Prosthetist. From this mold, the actual interface is made. The imaging systems performs in a fraction of the time it normally takes to fabricate and fit a prosthesis in the slower conventional method. This translates to quicker rehabilitation times and significant cost savings.

Technical innovations will continue to make artificial limbs more comfortable, efficient, and lifelike.

Losing a limb is a very traumatic experience. We understand the importance of speaking with someone who can answer the many questions the new amputee may have.

This volunteer program consists of amputees of all ages who have volunteered to visit and talk with new amputees. Our office staff will locate someone from our facility with the same, or similar amputation level. This has proven to be a very important step in the recovery process.

If you, or someone you know could benefit from this program, please do not hesitate to call our facility at 727-321-3900.