I was mad at the world when my first leg was amputated. I told everyone to get out of my room and I didn’t want to see anybody. Then I met Sean from St. Petersburg Limb & Brace and he told me he could surf, rollerblade, and kayak. He became my role model.  Today, I work cleaning fish 8-15 hours a day at a fish market. We get in about 200 lbs. of fresh fish every day. I ride 4-wheelers, go boating, jet ski, work the seafood counter – anything I want to do – except climb ladders. I don’t know of anyone who I could call on a Saturday to come and meet me at their office because my foot broke. Then, fix it so I can keep working over the weekend. I can’t say enough about St Petersburg Limb & Brace. They work with you until the problem is solved. Otherwise, I couldn’t do the things I do. Kurt Rhinesmith, St. Petersburg, Florida
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