I have always been involved in just about any sport you can think of. When I was 45, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid  Arthritis. Once I had the amputation, I started coaching the softball team. It occupies my time and is good fellowship.  I travel the country coaching the team. Wonderful women!  I am not a coach that only coaches from the dugout. I COACH! When I first came back to Florida, I didn’t  know where to go. I started looking around St Petersburg and found St. Petersburg Limb & Brace – then looked them up on their website. Because of his involvement in sports with his kids, Mike andI really struck up a great friendship. I’ve never had a problem getting in to see Mike.  He is willing to try new things and most importantly, he listens to me. In addition, he works with my physical therapist and my family doctor. I’ve never had any problems. He is tremendous! Janet Ellis, St. Petersburg, Florida
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