As a patient, you and your designated representative, guardian, next of kin or, if a minor, your parent have the following rights:
- To be treated with respect and dignity with sensitivity to your individual needs. Treatment must be provided regardless of your race, religion, and national origin or, in emergencies, your ability to pay.

- All communications and medical records must be kept private. You must give permission for the release of your records for specific purposes in most cases.

- Personal or medical details of your condition and treatment may not be needlessly disclosed to others at any time. In most cases, you must give permission before anyone not directly involved in your case is given information about you.

- To receive a copy of your bill and to know the charges for each service you receive; which charges are billed separately; what your insurance company has been charged and has paid.

- To be told when and where a practitioner will be available before scheduling any treatment. You must also be told what treatment, if any, may be recommended after leaving the office.

- Ask questions
- Respect others
- Plan carefully
- Give full information
- Follow your practitioners instructions
- Keep all appointments
- Pay bills properly

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St. Petersburg Limb & Brace Patient Notice Of Privacy

Prior authorization is required in order to alert the patient if they have any financial liability before commencing with their device.

St. Pete Limb and Brace is affiliated with the following hospitals: Bayfront Medical Center, St. Anthony's Hospital, Edward White Hospital, St. Petersburg General, Northside, and Palms of Pasadena.