Getting Polio at age 7, you learn to adapt to anything. I had wonderful parents who never held me back. I had chores to do, learned to do new things, went to regular schools, had a lot of friends, and that gave me confidence. When I was a kid I did anything and everything except roller skate and ice skate. That’s just how I am. I moved here in 2000, and after about a year, I needed some new post polio braces. Thank God I found Mike!  I’ve been to a lot of brace shops in my life and it has been a nightmare. My husband was working, I had kids in school and it was difficult to get to the brace shop and get the braces made and adjustments. Mike stood on his head to make me a new pair of braces so that I would be comfortable in them.The compassion here is unbelievable. Camille Novak, Gulfport, Florida
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